Nature’s Prime Island

This lodge is surrounded by very same volcano which created Lake Bunyonyi. This favoured the establishment of Nature’s Prime Island. And for those who are interested in escaping from the hustle of the city, from the hectic city life and find heaven on earth. Nature’s Prime Island in Bunyonyi is the best place. This Island is an eco-tourism site with in the heartland of western Uganda and it gives you a fantastic vantage point from where you will full adventure the beauty and the Mother Nature’s ability in an African unique setting.

At this Island, we fully assure you to wake up with the call of nature and the noise of birds from the morning hours. The well designed rooms have got a very attractive view of the lake, mountains and the terraces that cover every slope. In order to ensure your comfort, the main objective at this Island lodge is to provide accommodation in accord with the local setting. The rooms here are well designed and have got a good view of the lake as well as the mountains.

The accommodation here includes; safari tents, deluxe safari tents, as well as the wooden cabins, the meals are based on Bed and breakfast, half board and Full board. Our staff will cater for any of your special requirements that will add cosiness to your stay. It’s known that as the sun rises from behind the hilltops, you will enjoy your breakfast with the best views of this beautiful lake which is one of the deepest lakes on Africa. For lunch hours, you can opt to have a crayfish directly from the lake and in the evening, end with a glass of wine as our campfire calms you with in the freezing air of the evening darkness.

The main activities on this lodge include;

  • canoeing which is the main activity and will give you chance to explore all 29 islands on this lake,
  • Swimming is also available from the shores of the Island as well as the jetty for the sun worshippers.
  • Bird watching is also common here since the lake is home to many species of birds including the king fishers, herons, pelicans, crested cranes and many more. This activity starts so early in the morning in order to enjoy it fully.
  • Treasure hunting, Hill climbing & Cave trekking. This is just a few kilometres from the Island. Mountain climbing is also good for exercise and so rewarding with great views.
  • Visits to the Batwa or the Pygmies.