This retreat is located at Lake Bunyonyi in south west of Uganda, its located on the peninsula which is also along the protected cove at the middle of the spectacular as well as serene Island studded lake. This retreat Island caters for both budget and independent travellers that are looking for relaxation, great views, very unique accommodations facilities as well as great food, all these are given at an affordable price.

There is a lot to be done at the Island including; trekking through the hills and the villages that are near the lake, island hopping by the canoe, bird watching, enjoying the scenic and cultural hot spots of this area, could be guided or un guided, swimming and hiking at the island, we promise, you won’t regret having visited Byoona Amagara Island.

The accommodation facilities also include the Geo domes which are famously crafted from different local materials , these are 4 Geo domes including the Ebimoori, Emiizi, Omuti and Eiguru, these are privately and fully furnished with chairs, sofas, shelves, furniture , sitting table and private balcony. The cottages also have the family cottage and is the most luxurious facility with 2 bed rooms and a sitting room, independent solar system, cool tiled floors, as well as the hot showers. There is also the Amaizi Cabin or the wood cabin and it’s the most private facility with hot showers and the toilet. The Dormitories are large enough and contain 12 beds with small furnishing and the small dorm has got 4 bedded room, a table, chairs and the desk. There are also shared accommodation with basic facilities.

The facilities that are found here include; the main hall or Lodge which has a sitting deck that is large, a cozy lounge as well as the canteen. This hall is located along the leading edge of the Itambira Island in order to give extensive lake views, as you look across Bwama Island. The Library and the multi media centre is also the program planning centre for all of Byoona Amagara’s education, literacy as well as networking initiatives. The gift and shop Boutique is also found in this place where you can buy basic items and the necessities at the local prices. There are also locally produced crafts, gifts as well as the artistry from the lodge. There are also showers and the toilets which are always clean.

The main activities at this Byoona Amagara and around Lake Bunyonyi include; the guided tours to the lake attractions, the tours to the Kyevu or Rutindo markets, the canoe safaris to the lake’s many villages and Islands, the hiking tours to the forests, villages, waterfalls, craftsmen, and along beautiful Bunyonyi Ridge, the tours to the local schools and the community projects, the self-guided canoeing around the lake, the interpretive birding safaris, there are also arrangements  that are offered by our dear tourist establishments at the lake.