This is also a beautiful spot that is over the ridge of Kabale and it’s located on one of the most beautiful lakes in Uganda with breath-taking views. This camp offers comfortable furnished safari tents, the cottages as well as the tree house including single, double and the family cottage. The camp has got fantastic bird watching spots, affordable and delicious meals, the nighty campfires, volley ball and badminton, the Dugout Canoeing , swimming as well as a rope swing, the cultural safaris as well as the nature walks, conference facilities, group campsites, as well as secure parking and the motor boat transportation.

This camp is known as a stopover to and from gorilla tours, bird watchers and also a private place for the retreats.  This Island is so peaceful, natural, safe, and fascinating to the day guests and families and is also a sanctuary to the weary travellers. This is a wonderful place to relax in so much comfort as you are surrounded by nature. There are the papyrus swamps and the green hills that give many chances for the bird watching and the Eucalyptus trees as well as shady nooks that are along private paths which provide very quiet places of sitting and reading a book.

The camp is environmentally and community based which means that it’s a sustainable eco-tourism resort which mainly focuses on protecting and raising awareness of the environment, the camp is also friendly, and has got high quality service as well as comfortable facilities, this lodge has also got good staff who are always ready to welcome you. The lake near here is a Bilharzia free lake and is safe for swimming, canoeing and the more adventurous jumping off the rope swing. The camp also gives friendly high quality service as well as a good selection of the sweet and delicious meals at the swallow’s Nest Restaurant. There are also luxury tents and many cottages that give lots of comfort, self-contained accommodation facilities and each of these in a private setting with a good view of the lake.

The camp has also got many bird species totalling to over 200 species including; the crested cranes, Harrier Hawk, the red chested sun bird, the fan tailed widow bird, the pin tailed Whydah, the tropical Boubou, the Cinnamon chested Bee eater, the paradise Monarch Fly catcher as well as the Red billed fire finch.