The lake is located in south western Uganda with in Kabale district and the lake gets its name from the small birds that live in that area. This lake is the deepest in Uganda and is also stable throughout the year since it has got few waves. This lake is the only one were you can ride a canoe to visit all the 29 islands on this lake including the floating Island and the punishment Island where the young girls who got pregnant before marriage would be dumped and left to die. Each of the Island has its own history attached to it so you will have your 2 hour canoe ride with the best guide who will reward you with this history. There are also many activities that are carried out around Lake Bunyonyi that include; the birding tours, the hiking hills, home stays, nature walks , cultural adventures to experience the true bakiga homes.



A canoe ride is a memorable journey on a scenic lake Bunyonyi, this lake in south west Uganda is also one of the loveliest places in Uganda. Many people come to this place to relax and also chill out after a day or two of gorilla trekking, could be volcanic climbing or it could be a day before the safari in Uganda.

canoeing in lake bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi also gives many activities and one of these activities is the dugout Canoe assessment safari on the scenic Lake Bunyonyi, Island hopping where you can also visit and adventure some of the 29 islands that fill Lake Bunyonyi. You meet the people who live on the islands and then create new friendship, discover the islands with the tales of their own like the prison Island and many other.


You spend a day relaxing at the place of the little birds splashing a dugout canoe in the same way as it has been done for many years here and along other lakes like Lake Mutanda in Uganda. The Dugout Canoe tour is also a safari back in time with in a dugout as the times of old, but also is a known journey in the present moment. During this activity, there is noise from the sounds of the birds, and the paddles that dip into the water, this can take a day or two that you will not forget for a long time in life.


The guided Dugout canoe safari tours of Lake Bunyonyi can also be organised as a full day tour or you can also choose to have half day on the lake in a scooped tree dugout canoe, most likely something that you can’t adventure in your country but you can do so at Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda.


You can decide to have a picnic lunch from the lodge, have a soda, or a bottle of champagne and also enjoy lunch at any choice of the Island on Lake Bunyonyi. One main item that you will notice on this unique lake and on the many islands is the noiselessness and the stillness, the equanimity all around, and you expect to be greeted in a Ugandan fashion on the many islands of this lakes.


The must things that you must have include the camera and a pair of the binoculars so as not to miss a thing on the lake dugout Canoe safari adventure. The other items to carry include; the insect repellent, sun block lotion, a day pack , 2 litres of water, packed lunch, granola bars, soda, juice, a bottle of wine for a romantic lunch along one of the islands of Lake Bunyonyi.

At the end of this canoe safari, return to the lodge, have a crayfish dinner as you overlook the lake or sit along the shores of the lake. This lake has got no crocodiles nor hippos and has no Bilharzia, that why it’s a deep lake and has a quick drop off from the shores and for those carrying out canoeing for a day, we recommend a life vest to be a safer side.