Birding in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is known as the second deepest lake in Africa with its deep end being at 900m. This lake is also dotted with Islands and the most common ones include; the Akampene Island which is mostly known as the punishment Island, Bwana, Kyahugye, Njuyeera, Bucuranuka, Bushara. All these Islands have got many bird species that can be enjoyed by the many bird watchers that visit the Lake. This same lake is also home to many otters, the crayfish and its bird paradise to many species of birds and lies between Kisoro and kabale districts that are close to the border of Rwanda.

birding bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is one of the most stunning places with in the country that provides a breath-taking atmosphere to the tourists or the visitors. Even though not well marketed as compared to many other tourist sites. bunyonyi is also a known hide out  that you would love to visit in order to have a life birding experience. The word “Bunyonyi” is in a local language meaning “birds” and the main reason as to why this lake was given this name is because it’s a home to a very wide range of bird species. There are many bird lovers that are loving this place because these many birds fly about the whole area and can easily be viewed. As compared to many other birding destinations within the country, Lake Bunyonyi is the most convenient place for the visitors since one gets to sit and relax on the lake shores as you view the bird species in the sky.

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With the many Islands , it makes it even more convenient to stay around even for those that are homeless are fond of taking refuge on this lake and this has also increased the number of birds. All the Islands on this lake are easily accessed by a boat and some of the tourists love moving from One Island to another using a boat as they keep on searching for the different bird species. As they move on the waters of Bunyonyi, they can get an opportunity of meeting some birds most especially the water birds as they play and move about the water surface.

This area of the lake has got over 200 bird species and some of these include; the grey crowned crane, the white tailed blue monard, the herons, the African Harrier Hawk, the egrets, slender-billed baglafetch, levillant cuckoo, levillant cuckoo, and the cardinal woodpecker, and many more. Apart from seeing these birds, the tourists can also take part in some other activities including the spot fishing, boat rides, cultural walks, camping, the bamboo walks that are guided trails and these have been established and are so recommended for anyone who may be looking for a long stretch, nature walks and many more. This lake can be visited throughout the year.